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Clean Coal – Research Specialist
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Clean Coal – Research Specialist

The Applied Energy Research, Development and Innovation Programme is host to SANEDI’s clean coal and fossil fuels sub-programme, an existing areas that requires immediate attention given the role of coal in South African energy security. We require a specialist researcher in clean coal technology to support SANEDI with exploring opportunities and areas of focus, namely: to drive the adoption of clean coal technologies. South Africa is set to have coal in as a fuel in its fuel mix after 2050 owing to the lifespans of its coal-fired power stations. A target of achieving decarbonised electricity by 2050 is expressed in the South African Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) (SA-UNFCCC, 2015). Innovative R&D is required to contribute to realising this goal whilst still utilising the energy derived from the rich resources of coal that we have while maintaining levels of economic and social development. The research into coal and carbon as a material and the advancement of technologies and industry practices that significantly increase coal conversion efficiency and decrease environmental impacts is key. The successful individual will based at the SANEDI offices in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Applied Energy Research, Development and Innovation
Sandton - SANEDI
Job requirements:

Qualifications and experience

  • Master’s degree in environmental, energy, engineering or related field only.
  • 5 years’ experience in clean coal research or related areas;

Summary of Key Responsibilities and Research Areas

  1. To determine coal, co-firing fuel and sorbent resources available and suitable for new clean coal technologies?
  2. To understudy environmental, logistical, commercial and market constraints for new coal, co-firing fuel and sorbent resources.
  3. To determine the commercialisation potential and suitability of local fuels, coal inclusive and conditions that supports the countries strategic drivers?
  4. To determine what clean coal technologies can absorb or recycle the waste products from coal-fired power stations, including carbon, gaseous, particulate and water emissions?
  5. To determine the characteristics, transport pathways and fate of emissions from South Africa’s power generation stacks and how they impact on human health and the environment?
  6. Other assigned tasks and responsibilities as determined by managers.

Closing Date:
10 February 2023

Please email a detailed CV and motivation letter to::

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