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SANEDI Administration

The purpose of Programme 1 is to create an effectual delivery environment for SANEDI that is fully compliant with all statutory requirements.

Human Resources

Managing employee related processes and affairs, as well as administration of employee benefits in an efficient manner to ensure that SANEDI has a adequately capacitated, motivated staff complement.

Corporate Services

Facilitate transparency and compliance from a Legislative and Governance perspective. Incorporating all lines of business and support activities relating to the Board and Board Committees.

Supply Chain Management

To ensure efficient and effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes, that are compliant procurement regulations.

Shared Logistics

To ensure health and safety  compliant  shared facilities/resources for a conducive, and productive working environment.

Information and Communications Technology

Support efficient operations and ensuring data processing, integrity and availability.

Financial Management

Delivery of business and support activities relating to the effectual financial management, financial reporting and auditing practices.

Corporate Communications

To ensure effective communications with all Stakeholders through robust Stakeholder engagement, client satisfaction surveys, public awareness campaigns in collaboration with the DMRE and media intelligence support services

Project Management Office

Ensure adequate project selection resource allocation, Project Management and performance monitoring.

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