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Procurement is the acquisition of all goods and services through an effective and uniform process to ensure an effective cost effective, fair, transparent, competitive and equitable system that ensures that SANEDI maintains the following:

Effective efficient and transparent systems of financial, risk management and internal control;
A system of internal audit under the control and direction of an audit commitee complying with an operating in accordance with prescribed regulations and instructions;

  • To act with integrity and in the best interest of SANEDI in managing its financial affairs, including avoidance of conflict of interest, improper practices and opportunities for fraud, theft and corruption;
  • To prevent any prejudice to the financial interests of SANEDI and the state and
  • To purchase or otherwise acquire, take a lease or hire, exchange, improve, sell, mortgage, pledge, let, dispose of or otherwise deal in any property of any description whatsoever.
  • The SANEDI procurement process aims at developing, supporting and promoting broad based black economic empowerment, small medium and micro enterprise.

All procurement matters are recorded on schedule below end every effort will be taken to ensure copmliance with National Supply Chain Management regulations. It is therefore for this reason that we keep information on the following:

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