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Welcome to Cleaner Mobility

Mobility enables connection of people with each other, services and facilities. Together with the transportation of goods, mobility of people is fundamental to the economy of South Africa. Over the years, the transportation systems grew drastically and the negative impacts of our chosen modes and its propulsion energy became apparent to the extent that today we realise that this is not sustainable and needs an urgent change. The exhaust emissions produced by these vehicles are polluting the air in our cities and the environment. People’s health is at risk and our climate is compromised. The instability of the oil price and depletion of the world’s petroleum supplies are also risks to consider. Congestion in cities due to increasing car ownership and use only aggravates the problem.

Solutions that are clean in terms of exhaust emissions, efficient in terms of energy consumption and fit for purpose in terms of mobility objective are being designed and developed across the world.

Our Role

The role of the Cleaner Mobility Programme is to investigate and demonstrate alternative ways of mobility that will lead to the improvement of the environmental, social and economic conditions. We have a responsibility to inform and communicate the world’s success stories and our findings to our stakeholders and the public, to motivate a change in policy and a change in behaviour.


In the process, we consult widely and work closely with stakeholders along the value chain to find planning, funding and implementing partners for strategic and demonstration projects we develop for implementation.

Our Projects


We participate, share information and learn from projects globally, events and workshops, as well as with international and local support apply this knowledge and implement projects locally.

International Activities

SANEDI participates in the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement on “Hybrid and Electric Vehicles”, as well as the Clean Energy Ministerial’s “Electric Vehicle Initiative” on a regular basis. We also support the European Commission, COP and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).


Local Activities

SANEDI and UNIDO are collaborating on a Low Carbon Transport Project in South Africa. Together with the dti, we work on the alignment of policies that inform the introduction of alternative modes and alternative energy for transporation. With the City of Johannesburg and eThekwini Municipality, we support the development of non-motorized transport (NMT) plans and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We also support other cities to plan their green transport initiatives and developments.

SANEDI provides support to National Govenrment Departments regarding research and policy development. With the Department of Transport, we are

involved in the NMT and Green Transport strategy documents. Other work we were involved in on a national level are: the IPAP with the dti and a study regarding the use of compressed biogas from waste as a fuel for vehicles with the Department of Environmental Affairs. The latter proved that the use of biogas for displacing petrol has an added value three times higher than using biogas for electricity generation.

As a follow-up to the South African Cities Network’s Green Transport Project, SANEDI, in partnership with UNIDO, installed two PV-solar charging stations in support of the 30 electric vehicles used in Tshwane. The charge station at the Mayoral Chambers in Centurion was unveiled during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Transport Month celebration by the MEC of Gauteng Transport.

Together with National Government and industry stakeholders, SANEDI and uYilo Electro-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme (a TIA initiative) have been instumental in establishing EVIA – the Electric Vehicle Industry Association. This is a platform for information sharing, communication, standardisation and collaboration on promoting the use of electric vehicles in South Africa. The establishment of EVIA is commemorated on 1 November 2016.




Low Carbon Transport

Conduct demonstration projects to assess the suitability of Cool Surfaces for mass application under South African climatic conditions in retrofit – building projects, as well as to promoting the highest quality of products at the most affordable prices.

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    SANEDI strives to implement “cleaner mobility solutions” focussed mainly in cities and other niche markets.


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    SANEDI’s Cleaner Mobility Programme together with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation hosted a workshop seminar on sustainable transport and mobility for cities in Durban on the 30th of March 2017. This workshop was presented with the aim of highlighting the benefits of using electrified mobility powered by renewable energy. The objectives of the workshop included: Enlightening members of the sustainable transport fraternity in South Africa; sharing the current policy developments for sustainable transport use and operations; discussing the environmental benefits of including electric vehicles in South Africa’s transportation modal mix; offering insights to the various types of transport modes available and those suitable for city commuting and public services; proposing methods to include green vehicles into local government fleets; discussing the possibilities of converting a fleet to electric drive vehicles through other initiatives; demonstrating macroeconomic factors to better understand how the introduction of electrified transport modes could add value to the economy of the city and South Africa at large.

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