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About Cleaner Fuels & Related Technologies

Continued use of fossil fuels as a source of energy while producing less greenhouse gas emissions is the idea behind cleaner fuels and related technologies. The objective of the sub-programme is to provide cleaner energy solutions from fossil based resources, by generating advisory notes, feasibility studies, technology roadmaps and demonstrations.

The current focus is on Clean Coal Technologies - SANEDI is expanding its research on Cleaner Coal Technologies (CCTs). CCTs are one option South Africa has that will help ensure that the country maintains its reliance on coal-based power generation, while maintaining compliance with its obligations to mitigating climate change.

SANEDI’s objective is to provide research, collaboration, and demonstration in cleaner fossil fuel technologies that will not only reduce harmful emissions but also address the country’s National Determined Contribution (NDC) mitigation targets. To this end the roadmap that SANEDI has produced, has identified and narrowed down relevant cleaner fossil fuels technologies that can be adopted by different sectors, and is currently formulating an implementation plan of each technology for ease of adoption by interested parties. This roadmap will address clean coal opportunities in the entire value chain from mining, processing, pre-combustion, combustion and post-combustion. This will include addressing the emissions in the form of Green House Gases (GHG), NOx, SOx, Ash and Mercury. Improving energy efficiency at the power stations is also critical.

Our Projects

Road Map towards Cleaner Fossil Fuels in South Africa

The objectives of the project include but not limited to:

  • Description of fossil fuels technologies that could play a role in the transition pathways to lower GHG emission environment
  • Highlight of key supporting factors and/or constraints for a successful execution of the technology
  • Determine which existing Fossil Fuels chains in SA can implement Cleaner Fossil Fuels technologies solutions based on immediately implementable solutions.
  • Focal technologies determined assessment for immediate and cost-effective integration into existing Fossil Fuel value chains and what would be required in order to achieve this from a techno-economic perspective.
  • The techno-economic review for the short to medium term roadmap may include:
    -User case studies
    -Quantification of economic and technically feasible displacement of Fossil Fuel impact through these interventions
    -What level of technology penetration would be needed to make a significant difference to efficiency and emissions by the implementation of Cleaner Fossil Fuels in South Africa
    -Implementation plan – this section to include desktop assessment of skills requirement, gap, duration to acquire skill and resource plan (equipment, tools, supplies, production materials and so on, depending on the nature of the technology) – this may include construction or retrofitting of existing infrastructure. Information to include capital costs and or possible/feasible integrated solutions provided by technology suppliers


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Position: Clean Coal Research Specialist

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