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University of Pretoria Research collaboration

University of Pretoria Research collaboration

SANEDI got into partnership with the University of Pretoria and produced a number of research programmes, developed a number of short courses for municipal officials and developed the smart grids laboratory at the University of Pretoria and awarded students bursaries.

The University of Pretoria, as one of the reputable institutions in South Africa, has been selected to take lead on the development of South Africa’s grid code into a more advanced smart grid code.

This collaboration is expected to have a profound impact on South Africa’s Electricity grid system and the expansion of a knowledge base that will assist in refining skills and will result in invaluable information to the benefit of the energy sector. The establishment of a Smart Grids Laboratory and curriculum development has brought together technical and non-tech groups in an engagement with the University.

It is envisioned that the research programme will contribute to capacity development within the environment of education and learning, it will facilitate quality knowledge sharing and will further enhance skills development, as well as excel the innovation of standards and principals for smart grid solutions.

Curriculum Development/ Short courses

The smart grids curriculum serves as a specific integrated set of courses designed to provide cohesive understanding of topic and subject matter around smart grids. In this case it is fundamental to enable the positive growth of the power sector so that curriculums are developed for specific subject matters centred on both technical and non-technical personnel within the distribution utilities.

The concept of smart grids is developing in South Africa, it is important that this concept be introduced to personnel by means of short courses, bridging the gap between the “business as usual” approach to addressing the current challenges, human resource are key to unlocking that potential.

Development of a Smart Grid Laboratory

The South Africa electricity distribution grid is transforming gradually into smarter grids based upon the advancement in technology and the need to address the current industry challenges. There is a need to have a smart grid laboratory focused on developing core competencies in research on smart grid technologies and driving solutions for South Africa.

The key to the laboratory are measurement and simulation. Other fundamental components required of the laboratory include smart metering test platforms and a cloud based data analytics simulation station,

Research reports

SANEDI in partnership with the University of Pretoria has produced a number of research reports. The reports address specific research work in developing asset management within a smart grid context. Upon successful delivery of this research, the envisaged end is to advance the development of the electricity supply industry throughout South Africa, from the power producer (Eskom) and Independent Power Producers to a distribution level.

Student Development

Bursaries and grants to assist students who need financial support through university education. They also encourage students to develop themselves in a particular field of study and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of smart grids.

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