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SA-EU Dialogue Facility

SA-EU Dialogue Facility

The South African Smart Grid Initiative (SASGI) through the SA-EU Dialogue Facility has developed the Smart Grid 2030 Vision document for the South African Electricity Supply Industry. This Smart Grid 2030 Vision articulates the long-term aspirations and development objectives for the electricity supply industry in South Africa.

This Vision does not define a final result but rather an accelerated journey with progress and goals towards continuously achieving the benefits of a smart grid as defined now and with any changes the future may bring.

The purpose of the Vision is to describe the aspirational future state of the ESI in South Africa. The Vision defines, through a process of careful consideration and consultation, a common picture of a Smart Grid that is relevant to South Africa and the challenges the industry faces. Having an agreed definition or collective understanding of the Smart Grid Vision in South Africa is imperative for alignment of effort and integration into a coherent national system. A clear vision will enable numerous industry role players and stakeholders involved in various solutions and applications over an extended period to “pull in the same direction”.

In describing this vision, it is recognised that the electricity industry is dynamic and that a level of “grid smartness” exists and is currently being pursued/implemented. It is furthermore, recognised that energy supports and leads economic development and should be responsive to the ever-increasing complexity of power supply and consumption requirements. The Vision may therefore, continue to evolve in time but is intended to describe, as best possible with current information, what the aspirations are amidst the changing landscape.

Smart Grid Vision Document

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