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EVIA is a national platform comprised of Government departments and agencies, electric vehicle OEMs, electricity infrastructure and suppliers, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) suppliers and ICT / smart grid service providers, as well as the users.

EVIA forms a multi-stakeholder public private sector consortium with main activities related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, participation in national and multilateral projects, lobbying, research and development.

In public policy advocacy, EVIA presents the concerns of the electric vehicle (EV) industry and R&D bodies to the relevant government departments, which plays a key role in helping the development of electric drive vehicles

EVIA organizes EV symposiums, and also collaborates in regional events and in many specialized conferences and workshops



  •  To create a favorable environment to enable the use of clean mobility in South Africa.
  •  To support the development of policy and regulatory framework.
  •  To promote technologies for E-Mobility and sustainably integrate them into smart cities in South Africa.
  •  To support the introduction of sustainable mobility into the urban transportation mix.
  •  To create awareness of EVs in South Africa.
  •  To promote co-operation and trust amongst public private sector.

2016 speaker presentations:

EVIA 2016 EBooklet

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Our Aim

Collaboration, by utilizing a network of expertise, to shape the future course of E-Mobility in South Africa.


Charging Infrastructure: (Renewable Energy, Interoperability of EVs, Data and Standards)

The Working Group would support the development of public, private and commercial (fleet operators, business, etc.) charging networks in South Africa through improvement of specifications and policy support, adoption of best practices, optimization of installation requirements, influence decisions of geographical positioning of charging infrastructure and advocating for use of clean electricity from renewable energy, data management, (looking into billing options, demand management and energy trading), as well as research into the interoperability of EVs in V2G scenarios.

Battery and Recycling

The Working Group would work on the improvement of batteries, advocate for the introduction of standards of batteries, materials, and cell design, and research on the recycling of batteries to make them easier and more cost-effective. Furthermore, the group would look into applied research and development of second application of spent EV and HEV batteries.

Policy & Incentives

The Working Group would identify which policies are important to a country’s market of EVs and assess the effectiveness of the policies in a country. Further research is necessary on introduction of policy and regulatory framework to enable the mechanisms of the industrial chain, which may influence the production of electrified vehicles, and the mechanisms of electricity pricing or petroleum pricing, which may influence the purchasing of EVs

Vehicle Systems

The Working Group would look into introduction of vehicle systems to the value chain. The group would also be responsible to identify key challenges and enablers (both legislative and technological) to newer technologies in niche markets. This group would also look into the element of skills development and training and the introduction of new curricula development in higher education systems.

Communication and Awareness Creation

The Working Group would identify and use effective means of communication and awareness creation in the transport sector to tackle the barriers hindering the adoption of E-Mobility in South Africa. The group would also profile a comprehensive understanding of the behavior and attitude of potential EV users to better plan for how to get buy in from the intended public market, as well as investigate and recommend strategies for communicating a unified message about EVs from stakeholders

Mobility Concept and EcoMobility Services

The Working Group will focus on identifying collaboration opportunities to better develop the EV industry in South Africa. Identifying new E-Mobility innovations, Identify gaps in Market and E-Mobility Services and possible interventions to bridge these existing gaps.

EV 101: Sustainable driving and living

This is an information sharing group, which will focus on keeping the general mass updated about electric vehicle technologies, their purchase and operating costs, the available government financial incentives, and much more.

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