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Welcome to Cool Surfaces

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The Cool Surfaces Project began as a collaboration between the South African and United States of America’s respective Departments of Energy under the Clean Energy Ministerial. The Cool Surfaces Project is the response to South Africa’s need for an energy passive, low cost, low maintenance cooling technology for buildings.

Partners and Funding

Initially the Cool Surfaces project was a cost share initiative between the USA DOE and RSA DOE that contributed to kick starting it. SANEDI is in partnership with the Department of Public Works and the National Development Agency, is funding the project. Two SANEDI programmes (Energy Efficiency Programme and Working for Energy) are collaborating to implement Cool Surfaces.

Benefits of Cool Surfaces

Cooler surface temperatures help the roof and the equipment on it last much longer. • Cool roofs allow less heat into the building, making un-airconditioned homes, warehouses and other buildings much cooler.
• In cities, cooling effects vary from city to city, but studies indicate a consistent pattern of cooling potential from between 2 and 4°C.
Whitening 100m2 of roofing cancels the warming effect of 10 tons of CO2 emissions (or 0.6 tons per year for the life of the roof).
Globally cancels 500 medium- sized coal power plants’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions – more than CFL deployment. It is an excellent offset measure. .

The Cool Surfaces Project roadmap is as follows:

Establish a Cool Surfaces association to regulate and promote the industry. SACSA – South African Cool Surfaces Association has been launched.

Adopt the standards from CRRC- Cool Roof Rating Council, against which Cool Surfaces products are to be measured. These have been adopted and published.

Establish a laboratory to test products. Laboratory space has been established at SABS.

Certify tested product, rate its efficacy, and label the product for consumers to easily understand.

Establish a database of all approved Cool Surfaces products that comply with the criteria.

Conduct demonstration projects to assess the suitability of Cool Surfaces for mass application under South African climatic conditions in retrofit - building projects, as well as to promoting the highest quality of products at the most affordable prices.